Changes coming to Canterlot Radio!

Testing, testing, 1…2..3…

Greetings, Bronies and other MLP fans of the world. It’s your MC of MLP, Mic Check, once again coming at you with some updates on the return of Canterlot Radio. With a little under two weeks away from our return to BlogTalkRadio, we are excited to announce some new features coming to not only the show but some here on the site.

Starting from Scratch! – We know that we haven’t been the most….active when it comes to uploading new episodes to our podcast feed. However, that is about to change. With the addition to our new iTunes feed, we will also be uploading episodes to YouTube a day after they air. That way, if you can’t wait to listen to the latest episode or just want to listen at your own discretion, you now have a choice on which you listen to. A new iTunes feed also means we will be demolishing the current podcast feed to make room for the new feed.

Give The People What They Want! – At Canterlot Radio, one of our guiding philosophies has always been to be a program “by Bronies and for Bronies.” You guys will play a bigger role than ever in how the show is guided. Along with the weekly Pony Polls, you’ll also get to pick out the music for each week’s show, as well as give shout-outs and dedications on-the-air. We’ll announce more about that later, so stay tuned.

Drama! – One of our favorite things to share on the show is the fandom’s radio and audio dramas. We started with “Doctor Whooves: The Last Wanderer” and were the exclusive home to the syndicated run of “Doctor Whooves and Assistant.” We are looking for new episodic dramas recorded and performed by the fandom itself to air on our show. Along with fandom created shows, we will also be working on our own original drama entitled, “Mic Check & Friends,” which follows the adventures of Mic Check after he leaves the radio booth and assumes the role of a guardian to his sister, Aloita. If you have an original radio drama or would like to be a part of our new series, feel free to email us at [email protected]

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned following our return for new content, episode links and the return of our monthly contests!

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